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Ralph Peterson & The Messenger Legacy: Legacy Alive Vol.6

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Jazz Drumming Demystified

Watch and buy the DVD, Jazz Drumming Demystified
Ralph Peterson with Cymbals


Ralph Peterson is available for online lessons and masterclasses for drums and all other instruments via all digital platforms. Contact can be made via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email.

As an educator Professor Peterson has taught many of the greatest names in music to come after him. The list includes:

Antonio Sanchez, Troy Miller, EJ Strickland, Jonathon Blake, Dana Hall, Joe Dyson, Dana Hawkins, Kush Abaday, Ari Hoenig, Rodney Green, Tyshawn Sorey, Vince Ector, Rodney Rukus, Obed Calviere, Chris Brown, Chris Beck, Jerome Jennings, Lyndon Rochelle, Helen DelaRosa, Jas Kayser, Shirazette Tinnen, Dr. Jaz Sawyer, Jonathon Barber, Jonathon Pinson, Justin Faulkner, Cory Fonville, Daryl Staves, Matt Gartska

And Non Drummers: Sean Jones, Victor Gould, Tia Fuller, Melissa Aldana, Mathew Whittaker, Giveton Gelen, Felix Peikli, Luques Curtis, Zaccai Curtis, Alonzo Demetrius, Godwin Louis, Joe Doubleday

And many more!

Education Videos

The Jazz Heaven "Jazz Drumming Demystified"

Watch and buy the DVD, Jazz Drumming Demystified
Jazz Drumming Lessons include:
  • Grip & Fulcrum
  • How to get a great Sound
  • Mechanics & Vocabulary
  • The Rudimental Pyramid
  • Syncopation Exercises
  • Concept vs. Instinct
  • Feathering the Bass Drum
  • Comping
  • Mastering Playing Fast Jazz Drumming Lesson
  • Playing Brushes
  • The Art of Listening
  • Rudiments



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