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Ralph Peterson Jr., a drummer, bandleader, composer and educator whose lunging propulsion and volatile combustion were hallmarks of a jazz career spanning more than 40 years... READ MORE >>

‘Raise Up Off Me’, Ralph Peterson’s Final Recording

Raise Up Off Me, Ralph Peterson’s Final Recording
Onyx Productions release Raise Up Off Me the final full-length album from master drummer, bandleader and composer Ralph Peterson Jr. is a powerful closing statement by the jazz giant that was carefully and meticulously prepared before his passing earlier this month. Peterson’s long-time bandmates and collaborators Zaccai and Luques Curtis are featured here on piano and bass respectively, along with special guests Jazzmeia Horn and percussionist Eguie Castrillo Raise Up Off Me will be available on all digital platforms, as a compact disc and a special edition double vinyl LP. A virtual listening event will take place around release week- details will be announced shortly.



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